Antigraviator, a game made by Cybernetic Walrus.


Antigraviator is a Futuristic head-to-head racing game. Around the track you can pick up power globes. This power can in turn be used to either boost your ship or trigger a trap on your opponent. The traps are rockets that can be fired, tunnels that can collapse and stacks of bricks that can fall over and clutter the race track. The game can be played using 2 game controllers or a keyboard and a game controller. The game is going into full production as of now. Although not definitive the full game will contain 3 vehicle types, with custom parts to configure your ship, 12 tracks, a single player versus AI mode and an online multiplayer mode.

Cybernetic Walrus

Cybernetic Walrus is a Company started in early 2017 with a focus on games and gamification projects. The company is created by four senior year students of Digital arts and Entertainment at Howest in Kortrijk, Belgium. More info about our company and its services can be found at www.cyberneticwalrus.com